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Everyone is born with a prejudice. Every man is born with a fear. It comes to us at birth’s first breath. It leaves us only when we understand and conquer it. It comes to you regardless of color. If I see you and you are white, then my first reaction is that you are...


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“I find the arguments for biblical inerrancy tiresome and unnecessary. Contrived to protect the authority of the Bible when the authority is the issue…so let’s take the battle there where it belongs.  When Paul wrote, when Luke wrote, when John wrote, when David...

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“I believe firmly in prayer, and I believe in patience, and at the same time I pray to God to save me from that patience which makes me patient with anything less than the best. And I say that we must engage in creative protest and realize that human progress never...


“As in all times and places, the press tended to portray the extreme as typical.” – James M. McPherson