“Christ, I thought, would surely have me oppose what appeared an unjust [Vietnam] war. But the Movement, whatever its ideals, did a good deal of hating. And Christ, gradually, was pushed to the rear: Movement goals, not God, became first, in fact—not only for me but for other Christians involved, including priests. I now think that making God secondary (which in the end is to make him nothing) is quite simply, the mortal danger of social action, especially in view of the marked intimations of virtue—even arrogant virtue—that often perilously accompany it. Some may avoid this danger, perhaps. But I was not obeying the first and greatest commandment—to love God first—nor is it clear that I was obeying the second—to love my neighbor. Hating the oppressors of my neighbor isn’t perhaps what Christ had in mind.” – Sheldon Vanauken