Easton Omither

Apparently it is conventional with blogs to provide information “about the author.” I understand how this can be seen as a point of interest as well as evidence of integrity. A person should be unashamed about whatever he or she presents to the public. But, as is often the case with me, I choose to remain unconventional. Easton Omither is my pen name.

I am not interested in the development of a “fan” base. I am even less interested in being the target of vitriol or violence at the hands of people who think that is the way to solve problems.

I think of the internet as being, fundamentally, a glorified mail order catalog. While it’s main objective is to coax individuals to part ways with their money, the system is also heavily populated with pirates. It is said that 50% of internet users are paranoid, while the other 50% think nothing of providing non-stop intimate commentary on their lives. While I think “paranoid” is not the right word for it, the ubiquitous presence of predators on the internet is unmistakeable. Ordinary people are small fish; the internet is the ocean. Sometimes obfuscation is just good policy.

Finally, I am unimpressed with those who troll blogger resumes in order to decide whether blog content is worth reading. This is a kind of self-inflicted myopia. Well, since myopia is a disease, to self inflict, let’s say it’s a stab to the eye. Reading should be about learning, not a search for propaganda.

It is said a good sermon will disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. I also believe that hearers do not fall into one or the other of these categories, but both. We all have areas that need to be disturbed; we all need comfort. While I will not be writing sermons, I do think readers can expect to be comforted and disturbed by what I say.

If you are genuinely interested in learning about me as a person, well, take a few minutes each week and read the posts of this blog. This is the anti-Tweet. Let’s dig in deep.