Destruction of the Wicked Part of a Series on the Nature of Hell The predominant viewpoint within Christianity is that hell is a place of everlasting torment. This series on hell argues otherwise, on the basis that the Bible teaches annihilation rather than torment....

Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell Why I Am Not a Christian This is a brief critique of Russell’s book, Why I Am Not a Christian. It is not a consideration of the over-arching theme of the book, largely because the book is a series of essays and is not presented as a single argument....

Old Testament Law

Old Testament Law Humans are lawmakers. We all have reams of regulations stored in our heads. We think highly of our own rules and are scornful of rules that contradict them. We get angry at people who break our rules, even when they have no idea what those rules...

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Paranoia is a narcissistic delusion; the world may come for you but it is because of its utter lack of concern for you rather than its interest. – E.O.

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