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A Review of the book, god is not Great The Fatal Flaw The title of Christopher Hitchens’ book, god is not Great is likely a reference to the Muslim praise, “Allahu akbar”, which translates: “God is the greatest!” Hitchens is not targeting Islam alone, but his title is...

Live v. Death

The reason Good News is good news, even to the one who knows nothing of God, is that God has declared peace and is imposing peace on those who have declared war against him. His peace comes with the gift of life.  Life on earth ends with death. Anxiety runs deep...


Salvation by grace is a concept crucial to Christianity. Salvation by grace is crucial to humanity. If this is so, why is it so? We cannot fully explain God’s thinking on the matter, of course, but he has revealed quite a bit on the subject. It’s all Good News and...

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More Than Meets the Eye

“Believing there is always more than meets the eye defeats the sense of sight. Always looking for hidden meanings, a person misses the lovely surface of the world, even in spring. Surely those green leaves are hiding bare ranches. If you look hard enough, you will glimpse them: dark, malevolent, and a big trunk that if you ran into it hard enough, it would kill you.” – Garrison Keillor

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