Roe v. Wade

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The Supreme Court is made up of some of the finest minds in America. These brilliant jurists are supported by brilliant research staff, and they are guided by more than two centuries of American legal precedents, centuries of western legal precedents, and three...

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“I cannot hide from myself the fact that the readiness of others to kill brings me advantages which I have not so far seen my way to forgo.  I can sit here quietly writing what I like without fear of molestation only because those who might interfere with me, whether foreigners or my fellow-countrymen, know that they would risk being killed by doing so.  There are, for instance, books on my shelves that Hitler or Stalin would not allow to remain there if Sussex happened to be within his jurisdiction.  If Hitler’s or Stalin’s disapproval of my books is a matter of indifference to me it is because I know an armed force exists to prevent either from attempting to totalitarianize the village of Whatlington.” – Malcolm Muggeridge

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