Vouchers for School: A Critical Need

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Our country will not consider a voucher system for school education. Why not? Because to do so would put a stop to the ideological bulldozing of the powerful. To do so would undermine the Democratic party. To do so would damage The American Federation of Teachers and...

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The true glory of the assembly is in the harmony there. This group of individuals has assembled, each sacrificing something of his time, something of his preferences to join together to share, to serve, to mutually submit, to work projects together, to support one another, and teach one another what it means to serve the holy God.

The Church knows of its differences but trusts that grace will mend, that sin will be abolished, that confusion will be overcome, that love overlooks faults, that love is more important than faults, that love for God exceeds all petty differences.

The Church joins together to sell all, to buy the field in which is hidden the one precious stone. The Church raises its voices together in wonder at the one saving Lord, and the Church joins together to say, “Amen”, and become filled with joy at the grace bestowed by the one Creator, by the one common Father.

It is this unity that gives glory to corporate worship. Not a unity of forced conformity, but a unity where individuals maintain their faithfulness to God through heeding their own consciences while, at the same time, submitting to one another in all matters where it is possible to do so. – E.O.

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