Paranoia is a narcissistic delusion; the world may come for you but it is because of its utter lack of concern for you rather than its interest. – E.O.

The “No” Vote

Presidential elections should always include the option for voters to select: “No.” To be elected a candidate must attain more than 50% of the popular vote. But if no candidate meets this requirement, all candidates should be disqualified. The parties of the two...

Knowledge Alone

“To some people’s surprise, we are again backed up against the fact that knowledge is not in any simple way good. We have often been a destructive species, we are more destructive now than we have ever been, and this, in perfect accordance with ancient warnings, is...

Silent Speech

You may be afraid to speak what’s on your mind but silence speaks for itself, and what it says is decided by the hearer. – E.O.