How the Left Hijacked Civil Rights

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Tumkūr By Robert L. Woodson Sr. and Joshua Mitchell The civil-rights movement, led by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., helped deliver America from the historic sins of slavery and Jim Crow by forcing the nation to confront the full humanity of its black citizens. King’s...

The Internet vs. the Three Dimensional World

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There are many reasons why we should be worried about the internet. It’s vulnerability to hackers and thieves is one. It’s algorithms that drive information feedback bias for another. But my concern for the moment has to do with its information transfer efficiency...

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“I understand that the theatrical and performative side of politics is easier—that it is easier to treat issues like immigration, crime, abortion, race, welfare, and religious liberties as part of a broader ideological war than as problems to be thoughtfully addressed—but in the end, treating politics as a form of self-expression derails the serious work of governing.” – Peter Wehner

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