Christian Assemblies During COVID-19

The Week Magazine, in its April 10, 2020 issue, ran an article entitled, “Evangelicals: Just saying no to distancing”. They tried to present both sides of the question, as is their custom. However, this story was more of a pot stirrer than real news. No doubt there...

Heavenly Sorrow

We are taught that in heaven there will be no more grief or sorrow, which leads to the speculation that our memories, or our bad memories will be erased. I doubt it. The difficulties, the pain, the struggles, the heartbreaks, in short, the warfare that so...

Life-Sustaining Business

While the government and business interests debate what constitutes a “life-sustaining business,” people who are losing their jobs know that, whatever their job had been, for them it had been life-sustaining. Governor Wolf does not mean what they mean, but Governor...

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“The Church offers today the last asylum for one type of mind which the Middle Ages would hardly have expected to find among the faithful: that of the skeptic.  Obviously, I mean the skeptic, the man who suspects the origins of his own belief, as well as those of others; who is most suspicious of those which are most prominently held; who is still more relentless towards his own beliefs than towards those of others; who suspects other people’s motives because he has learned the deceitfulness of his own.” — T.S. Eliot

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