I was mildly stunned recently when I read about a Christian lawyer who argued that we should not wear masks to protect against COVID-19. His reasoning? We are made in God’s image and he doesn’t wear a mask. Apparently it didn’t occur to him that God has zero risk of...

U.N. Flag

A week ago I planted a small United Nations flag in my front yard. I debated with myself for several days before I finally worked up the nerve to put it there. Would it offend the neighbors? Would they throw rocks through my windows? Let me take a step back and...

Consuming Fire

God is often referred to as a consuming fire. This is not because he’s the “angry and violent God of the Old Testament” so frequently cited by those who’ve not made serious efforts at understanding him. Anger is not the core of God’s being, though he does express it,...

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“It’s not a mistake. It’s a FLOURISH!” – Larry Arrington, dancer

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