Consuming Fire

God is often referred to as a consuming fire. This is not because he’s the “angry and violent God of the Old Testament” so frequently cited by those who’ve not made serious efforts at understanding him. Anger is not the core of God’s being, though he does express it,...

Christian Assemblies During COVID-19

The Week Magazine, in its April 10, 2020 issue, ran an article entitled, “Evangelicals: Just saying no to distancing”. They tried to present both sides of the question, as is their custom. However, this story was more of a pot stirrer than real news. No doubt there...

Heavenly Sorrow

We are taught that in heaven there will be no more grief or sorrow, which leads to the speculation that our memories, or our bad memories will be erased. I doubt it. The difficulties, the pain, the struggles, the heartbreaks, in short, the warfare that so...

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“The man who kills a man, kills a man. The man who kills himself, kills all men; as far as he is concerned he wipes out the world. His act is worse (symbolically considered) than any rape or dynamite outrage. For it destroys all buildings: it insults all women. The thief is satisfied with diamonds; but the suicide is not: that is his crime. He cannot be bribed, even by the blazing stones of the Celestial City. The thief compliments the things he steals, if not the owner of them. But the suicide insults everything on earth by not stealing it. He defiles every flower by refusing to live for its sake. There is not a tiny creature in the cosmos at whom his death is not a sneer.” – G.K. Chesterton

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