The Holiday Tango

The Holiday Tango The Evacuation of Public Education I am a recipient of 12 1/2 years of public education (when I was young kindergarten met only half days. In those days kindergarten was seen as a transition year, allowing children to adjust from life at home into...

Men Are Pigs

I know a woman who said out loud, though somewhat sheepishly when she realized she could be heard, “Men are pigs”. I was hearing the end of a conversation and didn’t know the context, but I was taken aback because the woman is married to a responsible, accomplished...

Noah & the Ark

The story of Noah’s Ark has inspired considerable derision over the years, particularly from those with strong scientific leanings. Let me say from the start, though, that Christianity has no quarrel with genuine science. God created the physical universe. God created...

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Immigration & Wages

“Flooding the labor market with mass immigration has benefited elites. It keeps the costs of their Uber, their DoorDash, their organically harvested asparagus, and their neighborhood restaurant artificially low. But the deregulation of the labor supply also undercuts working-class wages and drives up the cost of housing, since new immigrants need to live somewhere.” – Colin Redemer

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