Everlasting Torment Purposes

Bad Behavior Limiter What is the purpose of everlasting torment? We can argue that the threat of everlasting torment affects how people behave. Let us call this the “Santa Claus effect”. (You better watch out; You better not cry; You better not pout; I'm telling you...

Marcus J. Borg

Marcus J. Borg The Heart of Christianity Marcus Borg is an apologist for what he terms, the Emerging Christian church. His approach to Christianity goes by other names, such as “liberal”, “main line”, or “progressive”. “Why can’t we all just get along?” is another way...

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Church Honesty

The Church is a happier dream in my head than it is a happy reality in my life. But I will say this: while I never speak without some reserve and caution, any conversation I’ve ever had that approached transparency and honesty took place with a Christian. – E.O.

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