Systemic Economic Suppression

“Today public assistance continues to grow faster than the earned income of taxpayers, with the average nonretired household in the bottom quintile receiving more than $41,000 in government transfer payments, while employers cannot find people willing to work in the...

Progressive Bourgeoisie

“Rob Henderson’s experience at Yale confirms again that progressive elites in lifestyle bubbles who implore us to reject traditional values tend not to practice what they preach Their atonement for privilege is promotion of an antibourgeois culture, but the result is...

Presidential Dislection

“Today’s intrigues are the stuff of political fiction: A nation aghast confronts the determination of both parties to saddle themselves with the one nominee who might plausibly lose to the other.” – David Hoopman


Every sin begins with a lie (of justification). Without a commitment to truth there can be no hope of governing sin. – E.O.

Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell Why I Am Not a Christian This is a brief critique of Russell’s book, Why I Am Not a Christian. It is not a consideration of the over-arching theme of the book, largely because the book is a series of essays and is not presented as a single argument....