Emotions aren’t irrational; they are expressions of thought. When our emotions seem inappropriate, it is because our thoughts are inappropriate. When our emotions are appropriate, go to it; emote some more. Let the importance of your thoughts be demonstrated…or emote in private, as suits the moment. Emotions receive a lot of criticism because they are often demonstrations of intellectual hyperbole. We exaggerate. We make mountains out of molehills. Johnny steals a pack of cigarettes and we fret about him becoming a serial killer. A few Republicans storm the Capitol and we pronounce the end of democracy. A majority of people consider abortion a means of birth control and we despair that morality has left the platform and is on the last train off the planet. Sometimes (maybe often ) we need to take a deep breath and speak out loud, “Our good God will sort this all out.” And if you’re a good humanist, take a deep breath and speak out loud, “Don’t worry; be happy.” – E.O.