Spin the Bottle

The leading candidates for both the Republican and Democratic parties have both shown themselves to be corrupt. One is a politician without convictions, moved by any left-blowing breeze. The other is one of the most outrageous narcissists in world history. The country needs a President who is convicted of his need to serve all the people of the nation. 

We could spin a bottle on a random day on Market Street and select stronger candidates. This doesn’t say much for our major political parties or their selection processes.

While I am seriously willing to live in a country where candidates are selected by a spinning bottle, because I think it would be an improvement, I also think there must be some rational adjustments we might employ to fix our broken process. 

Here’s a recommendation. It may seem disconnected from the problem, but I think it is not: Limit all Legislative offices to one term. The terms for both Houses should be expanded to eight years. Every two years one quarter of the members of each House would be due for replacement.